I want this process to be as smooth as possible, so this is how it's worked well for me. Let's talk about what you need...

There are an abundance of firms and individuals specializing in "photo-realistic" renderings as presentation tools.  It strikes me that the feel of the building, of the architecture, of the site is more effectively expressed in a hand-crafted illustration.  While I admire computer-generated renderings, and make them myself, as a graphic design tool nothing compares to traditional media rendering.

I work with perspective, elevation or plan - whichever is most useful to the client.  Mail, or e-mail any relevant floor plans, elevations, perspectives or sketchup files that you may have for your project.  From here I either work with the view you've determined or, if you have no model, I build a quick digital massing study of the project and choose a few views for approval before I begin work. Once the view is approved it will take me between 3 days and up to a week - depending on the size and scope of the rendering - to finish the work.  A digital record of the rendering is kept, and then package and send the original to the client. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Pricing estimated based on scope of work but generally ranges between $2000 for simple drawings, to $4000 for more technical and complicated scopes. 

Clients include:

Massachusettes Audubon Society. Concord, MA

The Farm Institute. Edgartown, MA

Back Bay Design Corp. Woburn, MA

South Mountain Company. Martha's Vineyard, MA

Linden Hills Redevelopment. Minneapolis, MN

Tea2 Architects. Minneapolis, MN

Boston College. Boston, MA

Macnelly Cohen Architects. Martha's Vineyard, MA

Sam Sherman Associates. Martha's Vineyard, MA

Grattan Gill - Architect.  Sandwich, MA

Destefano Architects.  Portsmouth, NH

Scott William Grady - Architect.  Cambridge, MA

William Cassani, Designer. Wellington, NZ

I have rendered all of the watercolors I display on this site.  The designs were provided by the various firms listed above.  The drawings have been created in most part by myself but in some cases by Destefano Architects and others.  If there are questions regarding a particular image, please write me.